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Helpful Downsizing Tips
Helpful Downsizing Tips - Part 2
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oving can mean considerable downsizing. In most cases people are thinking of moving out of their larger family homes to a smaller more manageable living situation. The downsizing process can be overwhelming physically and emotionally. To lessen anxiety and to begin this difficult task, owner Theresa Tucciarelli offers some helpful hints to get you started.

The biggest thing to remember is "BABY STEPS!" Downsizing takes time.  I suggest ,if at all possible; get an early start on the  process. It would be wise to start before you even think about moving.

The best way to start is to pick a room that is seldom used, maybe even start with a closet or a couple of drawers. To avoid clutter, bring medium sized boxes, (you do not want them to get too heavy). Start to bring things out and decide in what category it should go: Charity, family, to sell, or to keep, (make sure you keep a careful log of contents and label all the boxes). As you go through your belongings think about the last time you used it. Has it been a year or more? Will you need it in your new home and will there be a place for it?

The trick is to do a little at a time, keep it clean, organized, and keep good records.

Make a commitment not to spend too many hours sorting, it is not only physically exhausting but going through your life's possessions is also emotionally draining. Working for one to two hours with regular breaks may help to make the job less stressful and overwhelming and it may even help you make better choices on decision making.

Don't rush, this is a time you should reflect on. Your life's possessions have many stories behind them, take the time to laugh and to cry. Write a short story about a family heirloom so the significance of a treasure will always be treasured for generations to come.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

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