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1 week before moving

  • Arrange payment method for moving company and confirm mover arrival, loading and delivery dates.
  • Drain gas and oil from power equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.).
  • Drain water from all garden hoses.
  • Set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight, and other items you'll take in your car.
  • Gather medicines and important papers for the car trip.
  • Keep your CRTS Moving File in a safe place to locate phone numbers, moving documents and home inventory.
  • Prepare specific directions to your new home for your moving company. (Include your itinerary, emergency numbers, etc.)
  • Back up computer files. Label storage devices.
  • Start packing suitcases.
  • Pack a local phone book for future reference.
  • Have major appliances disconnected and prepared for the move (arrange for a third party to provide these services).
  • Pack boxes of personal, bath toiletries, bed linens, kitchen staples and non-combustible cleaning items that will be needed upon arrival at your new home. We recommend putting these items in a clear or colored storage container for easy identification. Have these boxes loaded last or carry with you in your car.
  • Organize, set aside and label those things that you are leaving or taking with you so that they don't get loaded on the van in error.
  • Anything movers are packing should be left in place.

1 day before moving

  • Finish packing all suitcases.
  • Defrost, clean and dry refrigerator and chest freezer.
  • Keep a cooler on hand for a few food items to take in car
  • You may wish to record utility meter readings.

Moving day!

  • Be on hand all day to answer questions and to sign the Bill of Lading. Confirm your delivery date, new address and the phone number where you can be reached. Read your bill of lading for valuation and inventory carefully before you sign them. Keep these—and all related papers—in your CRTS Moving File until all charges have been paid and all claims, if any, have been settled.
  • Make sure your glasses, wallet, medicines, car keys, maps and other important items are with you.
  • Make final check of every room and storage area. Make sure windows and doors are locked, keys are transferred, garage door openers are left behind and lights are out.
  • Note: It's a good idea to confirm utilities are connected at the new residence.
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